Tomasz Kamieniak
- the pianist and composer, Tomasz Kamieniak is a graduate of The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice where he was a member of the Joanna Domańska class. He developed his pianistic skills at the Academy of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar under Rolf Dieter-Arens and did postgraduate studies at the Academy of Music in Katowice as a member of the Zbigniew Raubo class. He also took part in the Konstantin Scherbakov Master Course, Weimar under the tutelege of Leslie Howard.

His musical education began at the age of thirteen with oboe and then piano at seventeen. Since then he has been the "special prize" winner in the 4th International Piano Competition of F. Liszt in Weimar in 2003 and "Grand Prix" winner in the 4th Competition for the Recording Project "Forgotten Polish Music" by Acte Prealable Publishing House. He received this prize to record piano masterpieces of Joseph Wieniawski in 2007. He was a scholarship holder of Marshall Office in Katowice (2008) and a Richard Wagner Society Bayreuth Stipendiat recipient (2009) . Recently he received and award fo... from the mayor of Tarnowskie Góry (2012).

As well as performing in his native Poland, he has performed abroad in such countries as Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and Italy. In Bayreuth he performed in the concert gala commemorating 195 years since the birth and 125 years since the death of Richard Wagner, during the 2008 Richard Wagner Bayreuther Festival, in which he played all of Franz Listz's Wagner transcriptions. It is worth noting that the piano used for this concerbelonged from 1873 and belonged to Liszt himself. Kamieniak gave the Poland premier of the Tirol Concerto by Philip Glass at the Festival of Modern Music in Bytom (2008) combined with Concert op.40 of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki with the NOMOS String Orchestra conducted by M. Unger. As part of the Polish Music Festival "Swego nie znacie" in 2009, organized by Philharmonic of Koszalin and Acte Prealable Publishing House, he performed Joseph Wieniawski's piano concerto (2009). In 2010 he performed together with Leslie Howard " The Faust Symphony " by F. Liszt for two pianos. One year later, he followed Leslie Howard to become the second pianist to perform the recently discovered "Romancero espagnol" by Listz with performances in Poland, Germany and Slovakia. He has also performed the first version of "Dante's Sonata". In 2012 during the 20th Festival "Świętokrzyskie Days of Music" in Kielce he performed the piano concerto of Joseph Wieniawski with Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Orchestra with Alexander Walker conducting.

He is the performer of "Klavierstück 2011" by Thilo Thomas Krigar for the first time in Slovakia as well as "Odlegly Nocturn" op.30 by Maciej Granat. Since 2008 he has been a regular performer in the "Indian Summer Festival" Levoca, Slovakia. During his performances at the festival he has played "Solo Piano Concerto" op.39 by Charles-Valentin Alkan, "Harold in Italy Symphony" by Hector Berlioz converted for piano and viola by Ferenc Liszt. He also performed pieces of J. Wieniawski, S. Thalberg, L. Godowsky, F. Liszt, J.Zarębski, K.Tausig.

Kamieniak has focused mainly on piano composition however his portfolio also includes pieces for organ and harpsichord, as well as songs, chamber music, choral music and soundtracks. His first monographic concert took place in 2004 at the Academy of Music in Katowice. His works have been presented in Cracov (Threnodia op.11), Weimar (Book of mystery op.25, Book of illusion op.32, paraphrase from the Sixth sense op.20, Four serious pieces for violin, cello and piano op.26 - debut), Eckental, London (Sonate op.39 - debut), Warsaw, Kiev, Wroclav (Suite op.37 - debut, Waltz op.33), Oborniki Śląskie, Brzeg, Praque, Berlin (Book of thoughts op.45 - debut), Levoca (Two nocturne op.36 - debut, two pieces for viola and piano op.42a - debut), Cieszyn (The Dionizos' Bells from op.45), Bytom (Two pieces for harpsichord, op.46 - debut). In 2012 there were three concerts dedicated to Kamieniak's masterpieces. Aleksandra Gajecka-Antosiewicz played for the first time pieces for harpsichord, op.44, 46 and 47, Anna Górecka performed Piano Sonata op.39, Wiegendlied und stiller Traum op.48 and for the first time Ben Connor sang op.43 "Nostalgic Songs". Kamieniak's pieces have also been played by Gabriela Szendzielorz-Jungiewicz, Justyna Niziniak, Beata Warykiewicz-Siwy, Mikołaj Konopelski, Avishai Chameides, Thilo Thomas Krigar, Dmitry Tombasov, Alexander Will, Nicolas Horvath, AKADEOMS quartet.

In cooperation with director Przemyslaw Reichel, Kamieniak has composed music for his short movies: Cienion, Widoms, Gabryś. His music is used in a documentary at the Lamsdorf museum at place of commemoration for Alicja Schatton.

His recordings include three compact discs and records for Radio Koszalin and Slovakian TV.